#Soft Launch

#Soft Launch

Anime RPG Orient Arcadia is up in Taiwan on smartphones

Orient Arcadia is an anime RPG with great 2D live characters. You have to gather a team of waifus and male heroes and put them against bot enemies. Of course, new characters can be obtained via gac...

Oct 6, 2022

MMORPG Dynasty Legends 2 has some console-level graphics

Dynasty Legends 2 came out on smartphones and the devs seem to have poured their soul into this project. It's a mobile MMORPG with a big town that takes on a role of your HQ. You take some quests a...

Jun 15, 2022
#Soft Launch

Valiant Force 2 can be played on Android

Valiant Force 2 is a mobile game that lets you build a team of anime heroes. Each of them has his or her own identity, role, and rarity. The game has cute graphics and epic soundtrack in the backgr...

Nov 24, 2022
#Soft Launch

Fight of Legends is your typical MOBA on iOS and Android

Fight of Legends is a mobile game that can be played on iOS and Android in the Southeastern Asia. It has simple 3D graphics that might make your budget phone run this game. It's made in the MOBA ge...

Nov 23, 2022

Idle Crime Detective Tycoon lets you solve virtual crimes

Nov 18, 2022
#Soft Launch

Zombie Hunter D-Day 2 is a zombie shooter on rails

Zombie Hunter D-Day 2 is a mobile game that's available on Android in Southeastern Asia, more specific — in the Philippines. It's an early version of this zombie shooter. In it, you complete missio...

Nov 16, 2022

Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans G has been launched in Japan

Nov 15, 2022
#Soft Launch

Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse is out in South Korea

Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse is a mobile game about a military squad of animals that need to complete secret missions. So far, this game can be played on Android in South Korea; there's no word on the iOS...

Nov 14, 2022
#Soft Launch

King of Legend: Exotic Invasion offers 1 000 free summons

King of Legend: Exotic Invasion is a mobile game with turn-based and auto battles. You can try it for free on Android via South Africa. Unfortunately, there's no word on the iOS version. There are ...

Nov 14, 2022

Strategy game Doomsday City came out on Android

Nov 9, 2022

Turn-based RPG Ancient Gods is available on Android

Nov 7, 2022

Tales of Throwing: Ring & Dragon has been released in Asia

Nov 7, 2022

Merge Rivals is a PvP game that feels like Clash Royale

Nov 5, 2022
#Soft Launch

New mobile project Game of Titans is out on Android

Game of Titans is a mobile game that is now out on Android in Mexico. It's a turn-based RPG with auto elements. You have to gather a team of rare fantasy heroes that have different classes and elem...

Nov 4, 2022
#Soft Launch

Dungeon Brawlers is available on Android in Indonesia

Dungeon Brawlers is a mobile game and a dungeon crawler. You need to raid dungeons, kill all the enemies, and get all the loot. Well, you also have a dungeon that other players can raid. The main c...

Nov 3, 2022
#Soft Launch

The Oregon Trail: Boom Town is in soft launch in the Philippines

The Oregon Trail: Boom Town is a mobile game from the Tilting Point publisher. There is a soft launch now in the Southeastern Asia both on iOS and Android. The game has a tutorial and cartoon graph...

Oct 27, 2022
#Soft Launch

KLIGHT has been officially launched in China

KLIGHT is a game for smartphones with anime graphics. Players will gather a team of waifus and use them to win in auto battles. The project is somewhat similar to tower defense or Clash of Clans, w...

Oct 26, 2022