#Soft Launch

Funny Fighters brings a lot of fun modes to the action-packed gameplay

Funny Fighters is available on Android in Southeastern Asia, including the Philippines. Unfortunately, there's no word on the iOS version, although it was once ready to play in Chinese App Store. O...

Aug 5, 2022
#Soft Launch

Boom Beach: Frontlines lets you play in many new countries with an update

Boom Beach: Frontlines is a multiplayer with the devs, Space Ape, working closely with Supercell. Right now, the game can be played in Poland, Czechia, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, D...

Aug 3, 2022
#Soft Launch

Star Wars: Hunters received a huge update for the regional version

Star Wars: Hunters can be played on iOS and Android in Southeastern Asia. The devs have removed all negative effects from Ability Variants. Also, if you had teammates leaving the lobby before the m...

Jul 28, 2022
#Soft Launch

Arena Battle Champions enters soft launch in the West

Arena Battle Champions is a mobile action with isometric camera and real-time battles in the 3v3 format. Gamers can participate in the soft launch in the West. Firstly, they finish a brief tutorial...

Jul 27, 2022

FreeDance enters CBT with 2 promo codes for new players

Jul 22, 2022
#Beta Test

Project RushB might replace you Counter-Strike and other mobile shooters

With every beta testing, Project RushB proves to be more and more appealing to gamers' eyes. It has even reached the levels of Standoff 2 and Call of Duty Mobile. There is another beta best going o...

Jul 20, 2022

Hyper Front devs have seemingly dropped a release date

Jul 17, 2022
#Soft Launch

Project Winter Mobile soft-launch version doesn't erase your progress

Project Winter Mobile is a PC port that is being tested on Android and iOS. For now, we can confirm that there's the Google Play version that is available in Thailand. Your progress won't be delete...

Jul 17, 2022
#Soft Launch

MMORPG Naruto: SlugfestX is so low quality even fans won't play it

Naruto: SlugfestX is a mobile MMORPG with bad animations and low resolution models, especially of buildings and mountains. Fans of the anime will see familiar faces with story cutscenes and voiced ...

Jul 14, 2022

Alpha Ace confronts Counter-Strike and Standoff 2

Jun 21, 2022

Musical project FreeDance offers dances and gameplay in Guitar Hero style

Jun 9, 2022

Shooter game Project RushB gets better with every testing version

Jun 2, 2022

Hero shooter T3 Arena finally available on iOS

May 26, 2022
#Beta Test

Project RushB feels and plays like Valorant

Project RushB is a mobile shooter that plays like Valorant. Yes, the gamers are split up into two teams 5v5, but they also choose heroes which determines their play style and skills available. Duri...

May 23, 2022
#Beta Test

Coop game Project Winter Mobile is now on Android

Project Winter Mobile is a coop project for iOS and Android. The early version is available now on the second platform, there is no word about the first one. Testers from the US, Canada, Australia,...

May 13, 2022