#Beta Test

Higan: Eruthyll pre-download phase is now live

If you want to play the early version of Higan: Eruthyll, you will need to pre-download it before the servers are up. This will ensure you don't have to wait in queues or suffer from low download s...

12 hours ago
#Early Access

Gun Force: Action Shooting might remind you of Contra and Metroid

Gun Force: Action Shooting is a mobile game with a heavy emphasis on action and shooting everything that moves. Well, you also have to move not to be shot at. The early version of Gun Force is avai...

1 day ago
#Soft Launch

Valiant Force 2 can be played on Android

Valiant Force 2 is a mobile game that lets you build a team of anime heroes. Each of them has his or her own identity, role, and rarity. The game has cute graphics and epic soundtrack in the backgr...

Nov 24, 2022

Fans of Eversoul only think about the 'jiggle' physics

Eversoul is a mobile RPG with anime graphics. Players will need to gather a group of waifus and explore various dungeons with enemies. If you stumble upon one of them, you will be forced to partici...

Nov 23, 2022

Update 3.3 for Genshin Impact will debut this Friday

Nov 23, 2022

F Class Adventurer will be out on iOS and Android

F Class Adventurer is a mobile game that can be pre-registered via App Store and Google Play. If the first market is to be believed, the project will be out on December 6th. It will be a F2P game w...

Nov 23, 2022

Miko Era: Twelve Myths is a light social MMORPG

Nov 22, 2022

Neural Cloud pre-download started, release is in 1 day

Neural Cloud is a mobile game that is coming to smartphones on November 21st. The project uses anime graphics and elements from auto chess and RPG games. It even has some elements from roguelike pr...

Nov 20, 2022

Sword Art Online: Variant Showdown is going to be released in a few days

Sword Art Online: Variant Showdown is a mobile game with anime graphics. It puts heavy emphasis on plot and action in battles, so if you want to try this game, you can do this starting November 21s...

Nov 19, 2022

Roguelike ARPG Verity: The Chosen starts alpha testing

Nov 18, 2022

Anime game Higan: Eruthyll started pre-registration

Nov 18, 2022

OPUS: Echo of Starsong has been ported to iOS

Nov 16, 2022

Black Clover Mobile will be launched in certain countries

Nov 16, 2022
#Soft Launch

Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans G has been launched in Japan

Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans G is a mobile jRPG that has been released in Japan. Players should expect new and classic anime scenes. Of course, the emphasis is put on collecting well-known heroes t...

Nov 15, 2022

You can pre-register Tales Weaver: Second Run

Tales Weaver: Second Run is a mobile game that will launch on iOS and Android on November 21st. This is not the final date, so please subscribe and wait for the news. You should know that we're onl...

Nov 14, 2022