Soldiers Never Die is like Vampire Survivors but in the war setting

Soldiers Never Die is a mobile game that is all about killing robot dogs. It features vertical gameplay and random buffs that you get while smashing enemies with rockers and other powerful gadgets....

1 day ago
#Soft Launch

Fight of Legends is your typical MOBA on iOS and Android

Fight of Legends is a mobile game that can be played on iOS and Android in the Southeastern Asia. It has simple 3D graphics that might make your budget phone run this game. It's made in the MOBA ge...

Nov 23, 2022

OBT date for Immortal Awakening is decided

Immortal Awakening is a slasher on smartphones. So far, you can pre-register via iOS and Android. And if you want to try the early version, it will be available from December 1st. We don't know, ho...

Nov 23, 2022

Sword Art Online: Variant Showdown is going to be released in a few days

Sword Art Online: Variant Showdown is a mobile game with anime graphics. It puts heavy emphasis on plot and action in battles, so if you want to try this game, you can do this starting November 21s...

Nov 19, 2022

Roguelike ARPG Verity: The Chosen starts alpha testing

Nov 18, 2022

In Evidence 111 you have to trust your ears

Evidence 111 is out on iOS and Android. Its developers offer you to close your eyes and get immersed into the mysterious story about a detective that has to uncover the truth. As you might have gu...

Nov 15, 2022

Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse is out in South Korea

Nov 14, 2022
#Early Access

Anime game Swordash comes out on Android as an early version

Swordash is a mobile game that's available on Android, but it's an early version. So far, we don't have information on the iOS version. The gameplay is split into missions with 3D graphics and manu...

Nov 11, 2022

Blue Archive has more story for you with the latest patch

Blue Archive is a mobile game with anime graphics and waifus. You are in control of a group of school girls that need to live their lives and save the world with their guns. It's a game about colle...

Nov 11, 2022

ATSS 2: Offline Shooting Games is out on iOS

Nov 7, 2022

Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade is delayed to 2023

Oct 28, 2022

One Piece: Departure enters CBT in China

Oct 27, 2022

League of Legends: Wild Rift has received a 3.4b patch

Oct 22, 2022

FIFA Mobile 22 players to keep their progress through the mid-season update

One of the EA Community Managers have shared great news about the future of FIFA Mobile 2022. Yes, so far players can get their hands on the beta version, FIFA Football 2023, but there are also new...

Oct 22, 2022
#Beta Test

Rogue Company Elite is up until Sunday

Rogue Company Elite is a mobile game where players are split into 2 teams. They have to choose a unique Rogue (Operator) and fight it out on small maps. Right now, you can install Rogue Company Eli...

Oct 21, 2022