May 6, 2022

Radiant Galaxy has crypto and NFT but it's impossible to register

Radiant Galaxy is available on Android. It's your average battler with hero-collector elements. We couldn't register because of the server problem. Can you?

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33 minutes ago

Magic: The Gathering Arena to add Transformers to its roaster

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MMORPG Traha Global is rescheduled for launch in November

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Civilization: Reign of Power starts pre-registration in Asia

1 hour ago

War Thunder Edge can be played in Turkey and other countries

1 hour ago

Parking Master Multiplayer 2 is ready to test your driving skills

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ATSS 2: Offline Shooting Game lies to you, but you don't mind

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Out of Hands is a weird game by one developer

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Dark Throne: The Queen Rises is (almost) like Diablo

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MetaCity M might be one of the best NFT games for smartphones

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Heroes Arise enters beta test and looks like Wild Rift