ZOZ: Final Hour might replace you The Division

An early version of ZOZ: Final Hour is available on Android. It's a refreshing look at looter shooters with zombies.

ZOZ: Final Hour is a mobile project that's available for testers on Android; there's no word about the iOS version. The devs wanted to make sure players don't get angry when they die. This is why when they die during a special operation, they turn into super-mutants. Yes, before they start, they need to choose the best armor and weapons they can afford. The last thing you want is an opponent to be better equipped.

So, ZOZ: Final Hour has PvPvE content. You always get deployed on a map with 7 random tiles. The main objective is to collect Blood Crystals and evacuate on a helicopter. Those, who die and become mutants, can rise again from the dead as many times as they want. This makes them a giant threat for those who's still alive.

In ZOZ: Final Hour, you can decide to either go as a team or all alone. Beta testers say that the graphics are better than the last time. The devs seem to add new gameplay features with every new launch, so let's hope the game becomes the best looter shooter with zombies in it.

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IOS, Android

ZOZ: Final Hour

Will be released in 2022
2 days ago

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