ZOZ: Final Hour gets ready for another CBT with new mechanics

ZOZ: Final Hour is an interesting survival game for smartphones. It will see the beginning of beta test in a few days.

ZOZ: Final Hour is a mobile project from NetEase Games. A new footage was shown during the NetEase Connect 2022. It's like The Division from Ubisoft, where players search for Blood Crystals and fight zombies. After the objective is done, one needs to evacuate with a helicopter, but there are other players who want in on the reward. So, there's PvE and PvP moments during a raid.

ZOZ: Final Hour will see the beginning of CBT on 26th May. The testing countries are Brazil and Indonesia. If you're one of the citizens, you can pre-register via Google Play. There's no word about the iOS version. As for the progress transfer between servers, the devs are not positive about this feature.

One of the best things about ZOZ: Final Hour is the PvP gameplay. NetEase analyzed battle royale games and found it unfair to the players who die and just go to the main menu without any rewards. To increase the stakes, the fallen fighters will turn into special zombies with superpowers, like high jumping, wall climbing, shield creating and so on. And if those zombies die, they get resurrected in one of the chosen map points.

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ZOZ: Final Hour

Will be released in 2022
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