Zombie shooter SleepWalkers: Zombie War is available on Android

SleepWalkers: Zombie War has appeared on Google Play. This is an early version of the shooter with a cool soundtrack and Unity-like graphics.

SleepWalkers: Zombie War is a mobile project that will be released on iOS on May 1st, if the App Store is to be believed. An early version is also available now on Google Play. The player trains by shooting zombies, hiding behind cover and picking up ammo. The graphics are clearly made with Unity engine and apart from the shooting there is nothing in it. And the zombies die after three shots, regardless of what part of the body you hit.

The devs even tell you straight away that by buying premium guns, you will become better than the opponent. Moreover, the developers added the ability to join clans, this will help to loot more dangerous zones and get much rarer rewards.

There are some online elements in SleepWalkers: Zombie War already — you join random rooms with maximum of 6 players, try to find them and kill them. The thing is that you don't get experience for doing so, also no loot and statistics, just straight on arcade shooting for the sake of it.

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SleepWalkers: Zombie War

Released on May 15, 2022
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