You can pre-download Rogue Company Elite now

Rogue Company Elite has almost entered the beta testing state on Android. Our readers will be able to participate in it.

Rogue Company Elite is a team shooter with elements from hero shooters. You choose a hero and use his or her special abilities to win rounds or kill more enemies. The game has been in various testing phases for a few months now, but it will likely be the first time a vast amount of Android gamers can participate.

The servers of the beta version of Rogue Company Elite will be opened on September 8th. For now, you can pre-download the client and log in via Google. Our sources say that the installation file weighs around 1 GB, also you will need additional 1.68 GB for the extra files. And don't forget to turn on your VPN and link it to the US.

Rogue Company Elite mostly sees you fighting in a 4v4 mode, but it's not all — there are Strikeout and Team Deathmatch on classic maps like Favelas, Icarus, and Depot. The game brings console-level graphics with an extensive progression track for you and your friends. Of course, you can also customize your Rogue with cosmetics and various loadouts.

Google Play (Might not work for everyone)

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Rogue Company Elite

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