Yeager: Hunter Legend will enter OBT tomorrow

Yeager: Hunter Legend's developers have said when the early version will be out.

Yeager: Hunter Legend is a mobile alternative to Monster Hunter franchise and can be compared to another recent game, Time to Hunt: Monster Hunter. There was a global beta test in July, but now it's time for the OBT in two countries — the Philippines and Singapore. The game will be only available on Android this time, as per TapTap post.

The server of Yeager: Hunter Legend is going to be online on September 23rd, at 10:00 UTC+8. The server is called 'Relentless Attack', it is placed in Asia, so you might have a high ping, which makes the game unplayable, as there's a big emphasis on action and timing.

New players of Yeager: Hunter Legend will get to participate in a few events that bring a lot of rewards. For example, from September 23rd to 29th, you can log in every day and get various prizes. Also, if your account contains level 35 characters before 05:00 (UTC+0) on September 28th, 2022 — you will get an additional 5 Kallarite Crests and 15 Epic Sigilites.

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