Wuthering Waves' devs show realistic yet repetetive battle system

Wuthering Waves might be even better than Punishing: Gray Raven. Here's why.

During Tokyo Game Show 2022, Punishing: Gray Raven developers from studio Kuro Game have presented an 8-minute video with boss fights in Wuthering Waves. We think that it was recorded on PC, as graphics and special effects are so good. Well, the long video only shows boss fights, and no matter how cool they look, some Reddit gamers still think they are repetitive. Also, they would like to see open world.

The battle system, animations, and models of characters are so good that we think Wuthering Waves will be better than PGR. It's on the level of Zenless Zone Zero or even Devil May Cry 5.

In Wuthering Waves, you can switch between various characters to do combos and deal maximum damage to bosses. This is the future that Genshin Impact fans are familiar with. And the music is somewhat similar to those tracks from Mortal Kombat movies, especially the 90s ones.

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Wuthering Waves

Will be released in 2022
2 days ago

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