Wreckfest Mobile is a thing from creators of FlatOut

Wreckfest will be ported to smartphones this autumn. The game supports controllers.

Wreckfest Mobile has been announced during THQ presentation. The gameplay in the trailer was captured on a smartphone, with everything intact — the damage system, different modes, and cars smashing onto each other. This will be a separate version from the PC and console ones. We think it will be a premium experience, with a release date set for this autumn.

Bugbear Entertainment, the creators of FlatOut, are responsible for the mobile port of Wreckfest. Gamers are promised a unique racing experience with a true-to-life physics simulation. There will be old and patched cards from different continents — America, Europe, and Asia. Also, the customization system is meaningful, for example, heavy armor will protect you from damage, but add more weight.

Of course, Wreckfest Mobile won't be fun without a multiplayer, so there will be one. The developers also promise challenge modes and a career mode, where you battle for championships, unlock new upgrades and become the all-time Wreckfest champion.

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Android, IOS

Wreckfest Mobile

Will be released in 2022
Sep 13, 2022

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