Working codes for Magnum Quest (May 2022)

Spending money on Magnum Quest can be tempting at some moments. Don't worry, we got you with some promo codes.

Magnum Quest is a game for iOS and Android. It's an RPG with hero-collector features. If you still don't have a clear idea about this game, think about RAID: Shadow Legends. Yes, you participate in turn-based fights with many auto-features. Well, the graphics are realistic for both the heroes and the locations. As for the leveling up, it takes one tap and the missions last for about 2 minutes.

To be better at Magnum Quest, there are two options — spending more money (it's a gacha after all) or using promo codes. We suggest the second version because the devs periodically update the game. The last one has brought a lottery with 1 000 pulls for rare heroes. This event will last for 30 days.

How to activate codes for Magnum Quest?

  • Enter the game;
  • Find the gear wheel on the upper right;
  • Press the “Redemption Code” button;
  • Choose one of the codes on our page;
  • Profit!

Working codes for Magnum Quest (May 2022)

  • explorenow
  • dragoneggs
  • mqgift2022

If some of them don't work, don't worry — we'll check those and next month will provide you with fresh codes. Moreover, take in mind that some promo codes are region-locked or are available for limited time.

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Magnum Quest

Released on Aug 12, 2021
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