Wild Arena Survivors is a nice mix of battle royale and PvE

Wild Arena Survivors has a lot of bots on release. Yes, the game is unpopular.

Ubisoft is a big French game publisher that has launched Wild Arena Survivors on iOS and Android. It means the 1st Season has started, so you should just join other players in a fight for the 1st place in every round. Well, if only there were real people — the App Store page only has around 3 reviews and the game is already on the 23rd place among Adventures; in its 1st week of release.

Another bad thing about Wild Arena Survivors is the poor optimization. Google Play reviewers claim that if you don't have Snapdragon 800 Series, there will be problems. Another thing — you might lose all your progress after reinstalling the game.

There are good things about Wild Arena Survivors. For example, the mechanics are quick to grasp, and the season pass can be obtained and upgraded without spending real money.

There are 40 players fighting on one map in Wild Arena Survivors. They should get resources, kill wild animals and be the winner of the local festival. Want to know more? Subscribe.

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Wild Arena Survivors

Released on Sep 2, 2022
Sep 13, 2022

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