Wild Arena Survivors has soft-launced in Canada on Android

Wild Arena Survivors is the new battle royale from Ubisoft. It has appealing art-style and interesting gameplay.

Wild Arena Survivors is a mobile game that is available on Android in Canada. There is no word about the iOS version. It's a mix of action and battle royale with you gathering resources, leveling up on wild beasts and taking out other players. All of this with isometric camera. It's cool that you can interact with the environment by cutting down trees, breaking crates and using guerilla tactics.

Average match in Wild Arena Survivors lasts for about 10 minutes and maximum of 40 players participate in it. Ubisoft promises more mods and things like solo and group matchmaking.

As you progress in Wild Arena Survivors, one of your characters levels up and unlocks new skills. This, in turn, lets you choose your play style. Of course, as in any F2P mobile game, there are loot boxes and battle passes.

During a match, you can upgrade your equipment and make your character stronger. However, it's better to look out for the zone that kills anyone, despite their level.

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Wild Arena Survivors

Released on Sep 2, 2022
2 days ago

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