We played Rainbow Six Mobile and think it's one of the best team shooters

Rainbow Six Mobile is in a testing phase, but even now, it looks like a console game.

Rainbow Six Mobile is a game for iOS and Android from Ubisoft. Now, it's available on Android for the chosen players. The team shooter is in alpha stage, so there are many bugs that I want to discuss. For example, the graphics are lacking and there are no settings for it. This being said, the smartphone doesn't hit up that badly.

Because of a high ping, your gadgets might lag and move chaotically and there is no jump button, you can only pass some obstacles on very specific occasions. It's great that there are advanced control settings, although 80% of players won't need any of those.

As for now, Rainbow Six Mobile only has the Bank map, no Border. Maybe we couldn't find it, or it was disabled by the devs. Well, we're still waiting for the addition because playing on just one map might be tiresome, especially if there are many bots.

There are 9 Operators that differ not only by their skin, but by their role. This is essential for choosing the correct group of characters — it's done one by one, and you need to communicate with your teammates.

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