Watch the first gameplay video of Wreckfest Mobile

Wreckfest Mobile is at full-speed development. If you're unsure how it's going to look on smartphones and tablets, here's a video.

Don't let Wreckfest Mobile' name fool you — it's the same version as on PC, but with slightly worse graphics. At least that's what we're seeing on the gameplay video from Android Police. The staff is present at the Gamescom 2022 conference, where they could test the game on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 tablet.

The cars in Wreckfest Mobile have a soft-body damage system that makes crushing into obstacles or other cars more satisfying — you get to see the carnage. This doesn't only affects the visuals of your car, but also its characteristics and performance on track. For example, a bent wheel will make steering less precise.

The demo version of Wreckfest Mobile doesn't lag, although you can notice pixels that might be less obvious on a smaller smartphone with more 'horsepower' to it. Publisher Handy Games promises an online mode to play with your friends and challenges for the best drivers out there. But if you're inclined towards a single-player experience, there is a career mode.

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Wreckfest Mobile

Will be released in 2022
Oct 1, 2022

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