Watch the first gameplay trailer for Black Rock Shooter FRAGMENT

Black Rock Shooter FRAGMENT has received its first gameplay video. It will be a Tower Defense game.

Black Rock Shooter FRAGMENT is a mobile project that will be released on iOS and Android in Japan. For now, the developers of this game have shown us some gameplay. Judging by the video, Black Rock will be a Tower Defense game where you gather a team of anime waifus and complete missions.

In Black Rock Shooter FRAGMENT, you fight in close quarters, moving heroes to the needed position. As you might guess, the game has an auto mode. Your main goal is to kill a strict amount of monsters in a limited timeframe. This means you always need to upgrade waifus and make sure even bosses are no match to them.

If you like Arknights, you will definitely 'dig' Black Rock Shooter FRAGMENT. The game is scheduled to launch in Japan this autumn, but the English version will come out in 2023.

Did you know that there are different zones of damage for your waifus? For example, when an enemy gets into the 'blue circle', your characters will deal more damage. Of course, as their roles and weapons are different, you always need to check for the right positioning.
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IOS, Android

Black Rock Shooter Fragment

Will be released in 2023
Oct 1, 2022

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