War Thunder Edge can be played in Turkey and other countries

War Thunder Edge is a new installment in the War Thunder series.


War Thunder Edge is something Gaijin fans were dreaming of — it has tank, sea, and air battles, all in one. According to the short trailer, they can even be seen on 1 map, but if we're talking about the early version on Android in Turkey, it has different modes for naval and tank battles.

The graphics in War Thunder Edge are nowhere near Tank Company, more of an early build of World of Tanks Blitz. Still, the models of tanks look realistic, and the special effects while destroying some object are satisfying.

As in the PC War Thunder, in War Thunder Edge, you can see where your shell hits when firing at another tank. The game brings emphasis to PvP battles. So far, it has 3 nations:

  • USSR;
  • Germany;
  • The United States.
It's good to mention that if you don't live in Turkey, there is a chance War Thunder Edge will not run due to the Google Play license. But we know of some gamers outside of Turkey, who managed to download the game without VPN or creating a new Google account.

Google Play

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Android, IOS

War Thunder Edge

Will be released in 2023
Oct 21, 2022

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