War strategy Destiny of Armor can be downloaded from Google Play

Destiny of Armor was soft-launched on Android in Southeastern Asia. It's a geo-strategy.

Destiny of Armor is a mobile game that is available in Google Play in Asia. There is no word about iOS version. It's a strategy game with a futuristic setting. You have to control cyborgs and cyborgs, meeting on your way such characters as Cleopatra. Apart from that, you need to build a base and summon rare leaders. I can note that the color palette is good, and the UI is simple. Therefore, all your attention is on building and quests.

Initially, there are only two types of resources — steal and oil. Well, there is also gold, but it's a premium currency. With progress, you'll be able to unlock more kinds of resources.

To make it easier on the player, the devs of Destiny of Armor have added story quests, but the graphics and animations look make this game feel and look like it's from early 2000s like the Command & Conquer series. Or it's a low-budget ad for some F2P project. And yes, this game has in-game purchases. Of course, you can join some guilds and fight with them side by side to control territories.

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IOS, Android

Destiny of Armor

Will be released in 2022
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