Waifus in Cross Summoner:R show you something children shouldn't see

Cross Summoner:R is available on smartphones in selected countries. You should expect a standard gameplay with some cute models.

Cross Summoner:R is an RPG that can be downloaded on Android in Canada. The iOS version will be available on July 28th, if App Store is to be believed. Players will complete missions to get maximum of 3 stars for them, because this will unlock treasure chests. Your goal is to face off against a few waves of enemies and deal with them in a limited time.

It's great that in Cross Summoner:R you can see some parts of the body of waifus, that normally are not suited for 10+ age rating. We believe this is done to entice more players without getting penalties from App Store or Google Play.

Players of Cross Summoner:R should expect PvE and PvP content, with a guild system for the content that is available for higher levels. If you're still leveling up, there is the Endless Tower mode for testing your skills and the power of your group. And don't forget about powerful bosses and a Magic Sigil system that gives you permanent attribute bonuses. You can learn more about this game from the training part of it.

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Cross Summoner:R

Released on Jul 28, 2022
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