Unhappy Raccoon gets a final round of beta

Unhappy Raccoon can be downloaded on iOS and Android until September 14th.

Unhappy Raccoon is a roguelike action game where you complete random and small levels to become stronger. Right now, the early version of this game is available for both mobile platforms. It's called a 'Nebula test' that will be on for the next 2 weeks. After that, players should expect the official release in October.

The Android version of Unhappy Raccoon can be downloaded via TapTap. If you don't have the app, please use our website. Users of iOS can join the testing via TestFlight. There is tons of new content, but let's go over the system requirements first.

Minimum and recommended smartphones

  • Minimum: Xiaomi 6 | iPhone 6s;
  • Recommended: Xiaomi 10 | iPhone 11.

The developers say that that initial size of the game installation package is around 450M.

New content in Unhappy Raccoon

  1. Added game announcement, account deletion, customer service system, age-appropriate tips functions to the Log-in screen;
  2. Mail System;
  3. Newbie Tutorial and Opening Animation;
  4. Game shop with heroes, weapons, skins, and benefits;
  5. Skeleton Item;
  6. Elemental Blessing;
  7. Nebula Trade Association;
  8. New Hero — Ares;
  9. New background music and in-game monster voice-lines.

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IOS, Android

Unhappy Raccoon

Will be released in Oct 2022
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