Unhappy Raccoon can be played now before the global release

Unhappy Raccoon will be released globally this autumn. But there's the Chinese version that gets constant updates.

Unhappy Raccoon is a good alternative to Torchlight: Infinite. It's even made by the same publisher, XD Entertainment, with the use of a similar game engine. One big difference is that Unhappy Raccoon is all about roguelike experience with session-like gameplay. Your main goal is to complete levels and collect rare equipment with random buffs.

During the TapTap Presents 2022 conference, the devs of Unhappy Raccoon confirmed the game will come out on iOS and Android in September. This will be a global launch, because the Chinese (Asian) version is up and running with constant updates that change character abilities and the effects of different types of armor.

Unhappy Raccoon will have thousands of different builds, abilities, and buffs to make your hero unique. Subscribe to know when the game will be released.

How to install Unhappy Raccoon?

  1. Download an installation file;
  2. Login via WeChat (might be unnecessary);
  3. Fill in the name and ID of a Chinese person from this table (if one of the rows doesn't work, choose another one);
  4. Enjoy the gameplay.
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IOS, Android

Unhappy Raccoon

Will be released in Oct 2022
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