Uncharted Waters Origin launches in South Korea on iOS and Android

Uncharted Waters Origin brings sea travelling, trading, and fighting on smartphones.

Uncharted Waters Origin is a mobile game where you take control over a ship from the Medieval times. Right now, it's available on iOS and Android in South Korea. Well, there are 2 servers to choose from — the Korean and the Australian ones. We don't know if you can select English language in Korea, also installing the game outside of Google Play will not work as you need to download additional files from the ecosystem.

As for the gameplay, you take on a role of a ship captain. You can control the ship and sail the waters with great graphics and nice physics. You can see other merchants and pirates on your way (maybe real players or just bots), but battles are in turn-based mode, which is a pity.

Other sources say that Uncharted Waters Origin will come out later in 2022. This might be the global version even with English voice-overs, as now they are only in Korean. Players should expect a high feeling of freedom from this game, more than 8 nations, 200 ports, and 300 battlegrounds. Of course, there are also different biomes with their unique climate.

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IOS, Android

Uncharted Waters Origin

Released in 3 Quarter 2022
2 days ago

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