Uncharted Ocean 2 brings naval fights and real-time market to life

An early version of Uncharted Ocean 2 came out in Chinese markets. You can test it until August 18th.

Uncharted Ocean 2 is a mobile game with naval adventures. You can create a pixel avatar, give it 1 out of 4 weapons and go explore the seas. There is a big emphasis on text dialogues like in other visual novels, although the developers don't hesitate bringing you to the middle of the action of sea battles. Although, one of the things that gets in the way of a full immersion is you going straight through your team's ships.

Uncharted Ocean 2 beta testing began on August 9th, and it will continue until August 18th. The developers promise more than 200 famous cities and harbors. You can become a pirate or start your business by buying cheap goods, selling to somewhere, and selling them for more gold. The real-time market makes it harder to guess when the tides will be in your favor, but hey — business is business.

The most advanced players of Uncharted Ocean 2 will be able to build a home with a farm to grow crops, create equipment, or breed animals.

How to set up Uncharted Ocean 2?

  1. Download the game;
  2. Accept the Terms & Conditions, choose a fast registration;
  3. Accept the terms of storing your account data;
  4. Confirm the generated account data;
  5. Enter a name and ID of a Chinese person;
  6. Registration is complete, you're in the main lobby.
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Uncharted Ocean 2

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