Ultimate Bowmasters came out on iOS and Android across the globe

Ultimate Bowmasters is a mobile game with Sub-Zero, fatalities, and other pop-culture things.

Ultimate Bowmasters is a new entry in the series of arcade fights. Your goal is to hit your opponent with a unique weapon — spear, lightsaber, syringe, etc. This is easier said than done, because when you hit the enemy, he or she bounces back thanks to realistic physics. This way, you need to change the strength of your throw and the angle.

To always win in Ultimate Bowmasters, you need to aim for the head. If you're lucky, you can perform a Fatality or Brutality. Yes, there are many characters like Terminator, Hank from Breaking Bad, Conor from Assassin's Creed 3, and so on.

There are endless rewards in Ultimate Bowmasters for your victories. In the beginning, the game has around 60 heroes, with more to come in the future updates. Of course, there are different modes, where you hit a bird or a fruit instead of another's player avatar.

Ultimate Bowmasters has 4.2 stars out of 5. Some critiques believed there are a lot of adds and no quality content.

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Ultimate Bowmasters

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