Traha Global appeared in South Korea as the CBT begins

Despite its name, Traha Global came out in Asia and only for a few days. If you participate in the CBT, you'll get unique rewards.

Players in South Korea and from around the world can test Traha Global, a mobile MMORPG. This can be done until August 2nd and only on Android; unfortunately, there's no word on the iOS version. Players can choose classes that are typical to Asian MMOs — rogue, barbarian, mage, etc. Despite the hieroglyphs in the UI, the voices and some on-screen text are translated into English.

Another good thing about the early version of Traha Global is that the devs have added cinematic trailers that tell the story of the world. You see, its citizens lived peacefully until they were attacked. And now it's your time to defend them.

Traha Global doesn't have auto-gameplay, which is not typical of Asian MMOs. But please note that this is true only for the global version. The controls are tight, like in slashers and with 3rd-person perspective. If you participate in the CBT of Traha Global, you will get the unique Tianpung Warrior outfit. But apart from taking part in the beta test, you also need to fill in a form.

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Traha Global

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