Tower Of God: Great Journey is going global this winter

Tower Of God: Great Journey will be out in America and Europe late 2022.

Tower Of God: Great Journey is a mobile RPG that is available in Asia on iOS and Android. The global version is on its way, so you can enjoy the anime story in English and, hopefully, other languages. The new video from GamePost Swipe Mobile 2022 shows a lot of anime cutscenes, which might be added to the game. And although the project offers turn-based combat, there are interesting features to it.

You see, when you activate the ultimate of a character in Tower Of God: Great Journey, the live 2D art of him or her covers almost all the screen, with additional heroes in the background and lots of special effects. So it's a mix of squad RPG like Fullmetal Alchemist and full-blown anime.

Players should expect boss fights from Tower Of God: Great Journey and a lot of character upgrading — some of them have the 175th level. Of course, it's all about team synergy, rarity, and elements. And yes, because it's a mobile RPG, expect heavy emphasis on idle progress and auto battles.

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IOS, Android

Tower of God M: The Great Journey

Will be released in 4 Quarter 2022
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