Torchlight: Infinite enters the 3rd CBT with new content

Torchlight: Infinite will have a beta test on all major platforms until September 19th.

Torchlight: Infinite is a cross-platform game where you and other players farm the Hell out of monsters and bosses for the legendary gear. Actually, you can do it even before the next OBT that is scheduled for October. You see, right now, Torchlight: Infinite is in its 3rd CBT state on iOS, Android, and PC; unfortunately, XD Entertainment doesn't need more iOS testers — the places have all been taken.

If you wish to buy in-game items, you can do it in the current beta test of Torchlight: Infinite. The developers will return the items and currency after the servers are officially launched. They will do so in the 1:1 scheme. Also, for pre-registering for the October OBT, players will net exclusive rewards.

The 3rd CBT of Torchlight: Infinite has new content — more heroes, abilities, story, and bosses. Also, the gameplay has been improved. For now, this game seems like a big competitor for Diablo Immortal, as it doesn't lean too much on the P2W mechanics.

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Torchlight: Infinite

Released on Oct 12, 2022
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