Time Raiders Mobile is something Tomb Raider ought to be on phones

Time Raiders Mobile came out on Android in SEA. It's almost good, but with some annoying features.

Time Raiders Mobile is an MMORPG where you create an avatar and select 1 out of 3 classes. The game can be played on Android in Southeastern Asia, also you can pre-register via App Store. The developers have already added a CGI intro, after which you happen to be in a dark cave.

You can see from the attached gameplay that Time Raiders Mobile was inspired by Tomb Raider games on consoles and PC. The QTE moments with cinematic camera turns, the background orchestra, voiced characters and the whole level design make it a blast.

It's great that Time Raiders Mobile supports manual controls and doesn't make you switch to auto, at least in the beginning. Of course, as it's a mobile MMO, there are bosses that you defeat with other NPCs. After that, you receive a lot of treasures, including artifacts. You can sell those in an Auction House.

There is a 3-day reward event in Time Raiders Mobile. You can get up to 38 000 strength by loging in. The game is already translated to English, so be sure to check it out.

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Time Raiders

Released on Sep 29, 2022
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