Time Raiders gets inspiration from the Tomb Raider franchise

Time Raiders has appeared in Google Play in some countries. Players will stick together and fight monsters.

Time Raiders is a mobile game that will be out at least on Android; currently, there's no information on the iOS version. By the look of it, it seems like an action game, especially with those Diablo Immortal-like interface and manual controls. You need to gather a 'trustworthy team', which is an indicator of either multiplayer or a Squad RPG like RAID: Shadow Legends.

Nonetheless, you will slay bosses in Time Raiders, which can be all types — from undead creatures to ghosts. Of course, as the name suggests, there are buried treasures deep in the dark dungeons. Some of the equipment you find can be used to level up characters, like rare swords or boots, etc.

There's also a story in Time Raiders that is split into different, but interconnected chapters. You will get rewards for reaching milestones in the plot. However, one of the main features of Time Raiders is that you can switch between classes. Now, this sounds like an MMO with endless places to explore.

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IOS, Android

Time Raiders

Released on Sep 29, 2022
2 days ago

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