The release of Lost Light is here, it's the next Escape from Tarkov on mobile

Lost Light can be installed on iOS and Android across many countries. But there are things you should know.

Lost Light is a game for smartphones and PC. Yes, you've heard it right, although NetEase might have included some separation between these platforms for a fair play. If it all goes well, Lost Light might be the next Escape from Tarkov on smartphones. There is Arena Breakout, but it's still only available in China.

As Lost Light is a looter shooter, you have to constantly hide or bring in a lot of big guns to survive against other players. The main goal is to get as much loot as you can and come out alive. If you don't need some things, you can trade those with other players.

The trading market in Lost Light is open, meaning players can set their own price. Also, they should build a shelter, presumably for storing more goods. The developers from NetEase promise an authentic customization system for guns, so that every player can modify them to suit his or her play style.

It should be noted that in Lost Light you mostly (or solely) play from the 3rd person, so if you're looking for a 1st person looter shooter, subscribe for Arena Breakout.

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IOS, Android

Lost Light

Released on Sep 1, 2022
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