The Past Within will bring coop puzzles in November

The Past Within has received a new trailer that uncovers the release date for the game.

The Past Within is a game for iOS, Android, and PC. It has a lot of puzzles and is centered around coop. Well, you can only complete this game with another person, so you both should have a copy of The Past Within. The new trailer says that the game will be available on November 2nd. You can pre-register the game on App Store and Google Play, it will be a premium project.

It's interesting that 2 players will be in different time periods in The Past Within — one in the past, and the other in the future. They will need to tell each other what they see in order to complete puzzles. Well, if you've played other games from Rusty Lake, you will be pleased to know that the new game is based in the same universe.

There will be cross-platform for The Past Within, so if you and your partner don't have the same devices (iOS, Android, or PC), it shouldn't be a problem. The devs say that the game contains 2 chapters and has an average play-time of 2 hours. But The Past Within also has replayability value — Rusty Lake devs recommend replaying the game from the other perspective. Also, there's an option to change solutions to all puzzles.

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IOS, Android

The Past Within

Released on Nov 2, 2022
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