The Horror: Ghost Dictator will come to Thailand in October

The Horror: Ghost Dictator is like Ghostbusters, but from indie developers.

The Horror: Ghost Dictator is a mobile MMO where players control heroes that are destined to destroy ghosts and monsters. The game will be out on October 20th in Thailand, and maybe other Southeastern countries. The platforms are iOS and Android, with English localization on top of it.

Judging by the trailer, The Horror: Ghost Dictator takes in a lot of legends and Thai folklore. The developers promise a big and 3D world with isometric gameplay. Players will be able to complete dungeons and learn unique skills. And if you find some useless item, it can be destroyed for materials. And if the item is useful, but not for you, it's time to sell it on an auction.

The graphics in The Horror: Ghost Dictator are outdated even by smartphone standards. Also, you will need to increase the overall strength of your character, and summon little helpers to get various buffs. We expect at least 5 types of weapons that change your play style. Subscribe to learn more.

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IOS, Android

The Horror: Ghost Dictator

Will be released in 2022
Oct 21, 2022

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