The Heroes Around Me tells a touching story of simple people

The Heroes Around Me can be downloaded on Android in China. It might have English localization.

The Heroes Around Me is a pixel adventure game about simple people around us that make our life wholesome. The devs have added simple and calming music with simple controls — you can go left or right and talk to the locals. The game is available on Android in China, there's no word on the iOS version. As on PC The Heroes Around Me has English localization, we believe it has it on mobiles, too, regardless of the region.

The Heroes Around Me tells a story about a small family with 3 members, a hard-working and quiet father Nan, his daughter Lily, and a dog called Sesame. The plot is about simple life in the 1990s. For example, you will sit with your daughter and the dog under a bridge or play rock, paper, scissors with them.

By the way, The Heroes Around Me devs have managed to gather enough money from a crowdfunding campaign. They got $29.435, which is 394.82% of a sum they were asking initially. This means gamers will get at least 1 DLC and 4 more mini-games. Subscribe to learn more about the development of The Heroes Around Me.

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IOS, Android

The Heroes Around Me

Will be released in 2022
Sep 13, 2022

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