The Gallery is an FMV game with social politics at its core

The Gallery can be purchased on iOS and Android.

The Gallery is an interactive movie where you can see Britain in 1981 and 2021. Authors of this FMV-game think that these years resemble sociopolitical struggles in this country. There will be 150 branching storylines with 18 unique endings. There is a relationship system that influences the narrative, so think twice what to do.

The Gallery contains 2 modes — with time-limited decisions and with the ability to pause the game and think thoroughly. By the way, one of the game's stars is Anna Popplewell, who is more well-known for her role in The Chronicles of Narnia. The writer-director of The Gallery is Paul Raschid, who previously worked on 'The Complex' and 'Five Dates', other FMV-games.

The Gallery also has subtitles and some horror or fear themes. Judging by the video, the dialogues are well-written, and you believe in their connection. And if you're in for historical depictions of older ages, you will find many references to old-style devices.

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IOS, Android

The Gallery

Released on Sep 12, 2022
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