WR: Legend Of Abyss tries to be like Dark Souls, does it count?

WR: Legend Of Abyss was released on Android a few days ago. It’s a F2P game that follows the path of FromSoftware projects.


WR: Legend Of Abyss is available on Google Play; there is no information about the iOS version. It is a slasher with a great soundtrack and a setting similar to Dark Souls. The interface is also carried over from that game — health, mana and stamina for magic and powerful attacks. Controls are simple, but enemies are always locked on you, meaning you don’t have a big chance of parrying their attacks.

It takes a few hours to complete WR: Legend Of Abyss, but there are some areas that are blocked from players because of bugs. Moreover, when you start leveling up, enemies stop being dangerous to you anymore, leaving a sense of dissatisfaction for hardcore fans.

In WR: Legend Of Abyss there are teleports, also all the zones are open. As for leveling, in addition to the annihilation of monsters, you can find chests and receive a new level for each one.

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WR: Legend Of Abyss

Released on Apr 10, 2022
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