The Ants: Reborn sees you building an ant colony to rule them all

The Ants: Reborn is a mobile game that has a great art style, calm soundtrack, and gameplay that you're familiar with.

The Ants: Reborn is a mobile strategy game where you create an ant colony. Unlike humans, they're still in the Medieval era, so expect cowboys, warriors, mages, hunters, and rogues. The gamers should build a kingdom, and the gameplay looks and feels like Fallout Shelter. It means you'll look at the colony from a side, opening new facilities and rooms, filling them up with different ants.

To make the game easier, the devs of The Ants: Reborn have split it up into chapters and missions. Apart from building, you'll get a chance of assembling a team of different heroes. They can participate in auto-battles, with low-level graphics and animations. You are given an hour to defeat all the enemy waves, which might be too much for an average mobile gamer.

After leveling up in The Ants: Reborn, players can join or create a clan to control and defend vast territories. Unfortunately, the devs have added the VIP status that usually helps "whales" to defeat F2P gamers. Maybe you will prove everyone wrong?

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IOS, Android

The Ants: Reborn

Will be released in 2022
Sep 13, 2022

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