Tales Noir doesn't let you give your character a unique name

Tales Noir came out on smartphones. The devs have tried to give each hero a unique voice, but it's not enough.

Tales Noir is a mobile RPG that is available on iOS and Android. It tells a story from many fairy tales, but judging by the name, with a noir twist. Instead of that, you're greeted with colorful graphics and the overall aesthetics like in Ragnarök series. Apart from that, all the characters are very happy, especially your little helper — an alternative to Paimon from Genshin Impact.

The game has an isometric gameplay, and you can fight manually with bosses, but walking long distances can be set to auto mode. It's unfortunate that this game has a gacha system — you can summon rare fairies or material to make them and other characters out of it. A good thing is that for every 10 summons, you are guaranteed an epic hero.

Moreover, Tales Noir already has a season pass, actually two of them. Also, if you want to gain more silver, there is the loot goblin with special coins you have to spend to test your luck. And one of the disadvantages is you can't create your own name, or the nickname for your little helper and kingdom; the devs give out random versions that don't look or sound great.

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Tales Noir

Released on Jul 8, 2022
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