Take Flight 2 uses the same art style as Cuphead

Take Flight 2 has been launched on smartphones. There is one disadvantage to it, but as a F2P project it'll do.

Take Flight 2 is a hardcore arcade game where you take on a role of a boy or a girl pilot. As can be seen from the gameplay video, the project has this distinct retro style that Cuphead popularized after its release. Well, there's not much to it rather than the style — it's a shoot 'em up with hard controls and no animations after you touch the enemies model. After this, there are only two ways — watch ads or pay the gears you collect in levels.

Take Flight 2 doesn't have any online elements — you just add friends and check each other's progress: how many miles or kilometers you have survived and so on. If you want to be better, there are 3 other planes you can unlock. They differ in rarity, so expect higher stats.

If you've played the first Take Flight, then there is a ton of new features, including joystick controls, boss fights, and more. The devs promise an addicting and endless gameplay loop, but you're better buying the original Cuphead and playing it without ads or in-game purchases.

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Take Flight 2

Released on Jul 13, 2022
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