Survivor Island brings some mechanics from Don't Starve

Survivor Island has appeared in American Google Play. You can check it out, too.

Survivor Island is an arcade game with survival aspects where you gather resources on a small piece of island. After cutting down bushes and trees, you'll use the materials to build a village with craftsmen to help on your journey. Players spend coins to expand land and get more resources, but once the night comes, everything changes from happy and green surroundings to purple and foggy mist.

To fight off goblins and Shadow monsters in Survivor Island, you need to make fireplaces. Such a mechanic can be seen in Don't Starve. It's great that there is an offline farming, you can watch an add and increase its duration by 300 minutes. Unfortunately, there's no information on online elements and the iOS version.

To better defend your village against the intruders in Survivor Island, you'll need to build fortifications. Also, while exploring the map, you stumble upon many exotic and challenging kinds of mutants. Will you survive against them, though?

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Android, IOS

Survivor Island

Will be released in 2022
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