Step 4ward: PUBG Mobile is ready for the new era

New Livik, improved anti-cheat system and much more in 2.0 Update for PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale for iOS and Android that will see the 2.0 Upgrade in early May. It will bring new themed areas on Livik and a UTV vehicle which lets you traverse through hills, rocks and crowded towns. It is made for 4 players, it's more compact than the Monster truck, but doesn't have doors and the roof, so be careful when closing on an enemy. Aside from that, players will get a Zipline, hidden chests and edible berries to restore health.

What's more important is “Ban Pan 2.0”, the upgraded anti-cheat system. It will prevent cheaters from using wall-hacks by sending them information about players that they can see. Moreover, the anti-cheat AI will be more accurate in predicting whether a player cheats or not. And if you're a pro player, you can rewatch a game and give your verdict. The dev team will use it to make the final decision.

As for other new things, your device will vibrate when you jump, run, get hit or hit the target. And the last things for those who are always late for the Safe Zone. Now you will be able to call a plane to take you and your teammates to it, but you will still get damaged while in the Blue Zone.

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PUBG Mobile

Released on Mar 19, 2018
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