Square Enix has published a road map for Octopath Traveler CoTC

Octopath Traveler CoTC will get new content every month. Players still think there are too few 5-star heroes.


Octopath Traveler CoTC will receive its first update this month. The patch v.1.1.0 will net players a new main story called "Bestower of Wealth: Chapter 1", Woodlands Region and a dungeon, Victors Hollow. Also, gamers will get a chance to participate in Traveler stories that might give you an inside to your favorite characters' background story.

So far, there are not so many 5-star heroes in Octopath Traveler CoTC, which means every one of them is like a golden brick. But even English insiders don't know what characters to expect from some future updates. Meanwhile, they point at the Japanese patches that get released earlier, with new banners and heroes.

Every month after August will net Octopath Traveler CoTC new heroes, story chapters, Bonfire of Battles, and tournaments. This will continue until November, this is where the road map ends. Some special event will happen in October, although Square Enix is hesitant to disclose it.

Another intersting thing that we've noticed on the raod map — the Alpaca Farm. Maybe it will help to get materials while offline?
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Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent

Released on Jul 27, 2022
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