Soul Seeker Defense has NFT tokens and P2E elements

Soul Seeker Defense lets you invest and gain some profit from just playing. But it might take a skill, both in terms of investment and gaming.


Soul Seeker Defense is a mobile project that's available now on Android. Unfortunately, there's no word about the iOS version. It's a PvP game with elements from roguelikes and tower defense. Your goal is to put out and merge different heroes that attack nearby monsters. The thing is that the screen is split into two parts — one for you and the other one for your enemy. If you kill a monster on your side, it automatically spawns on the enemy's territory.

The winning goal is as follows — your competitor has to let 3 monsters pass the teleport. If they do, the match is over, and you'll climb the ranked ladder. One of the issues you might find in Soul Seeker Defense is the graphics — the game looks like another P2E scam from Asia.

You will need to invest a lot of money and effort in Soul Seeker Defense to get some returns. You see, the $SOUL is being traded at the $0.00172 for one crypto coin. And, as it usually is, crypto in such games gets more cheap with each passing day.

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Soul Seeker Defense

Released on May 2, 2022
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