Skyfall Chasers is almost like Apex Legends Mobile

Skyfall Chasers can be downloaded on Android in Canada. This game looks and plays surprisingly well.

Skyfall Chasers is a mobile game where you make a team with other 2 or 3 players and start a battle royale match. Although the graphics are not as good, gameplay-wise, this game is an alternative to Apex Legends Mobile. There is a big and open map, futuristic locations and heroes, and vertical gameplay for better positioning and mobility.

Skyfall Chasers is in early access on Android in Canada. Unfortunately, there's no word on the iOS version. It's great that you can use different weapon types to deal massive damage to your enemies. But make sure you destroy their armor first. As for the pick-up system, it's mostly automatic, at least that's true for picking up money and Starlight — the most valuable resource in the galaxy.

Skyfall Chasers doesn't have in-game purchases, at least that's what the Google Play description says. The battle pass is free, with ranks to climb and hero or weapon skins to get. As this game was made exclusively for mobile, the UI is optimized and fully customizable.

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IOS, Android

Skyfall Chasers

Will be released in 2022
2 days ago

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