Sigma Theory will be released soon on iOS and Android

Sigma Theory brings real politics and cyber warfare into play. Soon on mobile.

Sigma Theory is a politics simulator from 'Out There' developers. It has been out on PC, but on October 18th, 2022 the game might come out on smartphones. This is the information we've received from the App Store page. Also, you can pre-register on iOS or Android.

Sigma Theory tells a story about a near future where different countries found out a way to destroy financial systems, take over other nations, and even become immortals. Your goal is to make sure your country comes out a winner from this fight. To ensure you can do it, there are many resources at your disposal: elite agents, unmanned drones, modern science technologies, and diplomacy.

Although Sigma Theory is not so well known, it has received mostly positive reviews on Steam. But there are some who criticize the weak plot and a few endings. The game's devs claim they were inspired by these games:

  • XCOM;
  • Phantom Doctrine;
  • Plague Inc;
  • Pandemic (board game);
  • Rocket Ranger;
  • Tropico;
  • Armello;
  • Civilization.

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IOS, Android

Sigma Theory

Will be released on Oct 18, 2022
Oct 1, 2022

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