Seven Sphere is an JRPG with explicit model design of waifus

Seven Sphere can be downloaded from Google Play in Singapore. It has turn-based combat and good special effects.

Seven Sphere is a mobile game that is available on Android not only in South Korea, but also in Southeastern Asia now. It promises jRPG fights with auto-features and so-so graphics. Well, the devs have worked on special effects, where your waifus bring on big rocks, hurricanes, and other natural disasters on your enemies.

Unfortunately, there's no information on the iOS version of Seven Sphere. The game has Chinese hieroglyphs, and we can't confirm English localization. It's great that there are 10 free pulls for you to get SR characters and even one SSR hero. Interestingly, some of them have very explicit models.

It goes without saying that Seven Sphere has some romantic relationships you can start with your heroes. For that, there are chocolate hearts and other presents you need to give to them. Please, don't expect anything special, because the low-quality gameplay doesn't make it a AAA title like Genshin Impact. Subscribe to Seven Sphere to get updates on global release.

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Android, IOS

Seven Sphere

Will be released in 2023
Sep 13, 2022

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