Seven Knights 2 receives new playable characters and an event

Seven Knights 2 celebrates its first anniversary this season. That's why Netmarble has started the new event.

Seven Knights 2 is a mobile MMO with console-level graphics and tough grind and paywalls. All of that means you need to participate in time-limited events and collect free characters to stay relevant. Well, now you can participate in the 'Carnival' event to get a new hero called Kyle. He has a Legendary+ level of rarity. He's there to deal massive damage with chains.

The second character in the latest update for Seven Knights 2 is Bai Jiao, also Legendary. He's a must-have in any group because of control skills. Let's move to events now — until September 28th you can participate in the Maple Craft event to create Legendary weapons and equipment. For that, you need to collect maple leaves through exploration.

It's also a good choice to do daily missions that give you double rewards. More than that, players in Seven Knights II can earn 50% more items by just playing the game. And the last thing — there is now a new PvE mode, 'Maze of Trials'. By winning battles, you can get exclusive items.

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Seven Knights II

Released on Nov 10, 2021
2 days ago

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