ScourgeBringer is a mix of Celeste and Dead Cells

ScourgeBringer can be downloaded on iOS and Android. But what can you expect from the premium game?

ScourgeBringer is a metroidvania that lets you defeat enemies while in air, like it's an alternative to Devil May Cry. Well, the developers say they were inspired by such titles as Celeste and Dead Cells. The game has pixel graphics, and it's packed with action. Your goal is to explore area after area, stumbling upon mini bosses and might give you Hell, but random buffs make the runs much easier.

ScourgeBringer is now available on iOS and Android. It's a premium game that has a content for about 10 hours. It even has the skill tree and smooth controls. One of the minor disadvantages is that you don't turn invincible while dashing, which is a thing in many video games.

ScourgeBringer also has elements from roguelike games, meaning every time you die the dungeon will change. While traveling, you will uncover mysteries and unlock reality defining secrets.

PC Gamers say that to beat ScourgeBringer you need to use both quick and slow but heavy attacks.

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Released on Sep 13, 2022
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