RPG Omniheroes takes inspiration from AFK Arena

Omniheroes is available on iOS and Android in Asia. This is an idle project with nice style.

Omniheroes is a mobile RPG that came out in App Store and Google Play in the Philippines. You need to assemble a group of heroes that are split up into their roles and elements. Characters will earn XP and materials for upgrades via AFK format; this and cartoonish style gives out vibes of projects like AFK Arena.

Omniheroes has more than 100 heroes with 5 factions. You will dive into the dark and mystical world where Immortals and Gods fight in an Eternal war. As for the modes, there are stages 5v5, PvP arenas, Elemental Labyrinths, and Legendary Archive for getting legendary shards.

The devs of Omniheroes promise you won't need to farm and grind, spending a lot of time on this game. And if you want to get more out of this project, it's better to cooperate with other players and head into dungeons or raids. The game has vertical gameplay, which is perfect for those busy people. In the last update, Omniheroes was optimized and got some bugs fixed.

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Android, IOS


Will be released in 2022